Cover the Financial Impact if a Key Employee Dies

EVERY BUSINESS, no matter what the size, has certain people that are crucial to its success. Nowhere is this more evident than in a small business. These key people are the ones whose absence would put the company in jeopardy because they are involved in every aspect of the operation. Because their value is immeasurable, it is vital to cover these people with key man insurance. The concept behind key man coverage is quite basic. A company purchases a life insurance policy on that person,

Medicare Rule May Cut Prescription Drug Costs

GOOD NEWS: Your out-of-pocket prescription drug costs under your Medicare Advantage plan may be coming down soon. A recent change from the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) grants permission to Medicare Advantage plans to allow “step therapy” for Part B drugs. Essentially, this allows plans to start patients on lower-cost generics, where appropriate. Patients would still be able to move to costlier name-brand drugs on Part B medications where the generics are not effective. Part B d

Do You Have an Emergency Action Plan?

HOW WOULD you escape from your workplace in an emergency? Do you know where all the exits are in case your first choice is too crowded? Are you sure the doors will be unlocked and the exit access, such as a hallway, will not be blocked during a fire, explosion or other crisis? Knowing the answers to these questions could keep you safe during an emergency. And the answers should be readily available to all of your staff in your organization's emergency action plan (EAP). Almost every busi

Tips for Thwarting Employee Fraud

MOST BUSINESS managers and owners are well aware of the threat of loss from outsiders, and they will install alarms, hire security guards and take other preventative measures. But, most employers pay less attention to reducing the risk of theft by an insider. No one wants to believe that an employee will purposely defraud the company of money. Most people want to trust their employees, and rightly so. But it only takes one bad apple to do significant damage. Depending on the person’s p

Have a New Drone? Understand Your Liability Risks

AFTER ANOTHER Christmas, more American homes now include a new addition: a drone. While these gadgets can be loads of fun to fly, they also come with responsibility and risk of property damage and bodily injury. As people start flying drones, there will be accidents and injuries, followed by claims – and even lawsuits. If you are like most people, you were not thinking about insurance when you purchased a drone for your kid. But you’ll want to make sure you are properly covered for any

Avoid Falling Victim to a Staged Car Crash Scam

THE STAGED car accident scam is growing as perpetrators are getting craftier about entrapping unsuspecting motorists. Scammers usually meticulously plan their staged car accidents, leaving nothing to chance. You may not even know it was staged, while witnesses may only catch a glimpse and think they saw something they didn’t. Here are some common scams:

The T-bone

In this staged accident the scammer will wait for your car to proceed through an intersection and then floo

Distractions Hurt Your Employees and Your Business

WORKPLACE DISTRACTIONS are ever-present. They reduce workers’ productivity, increase their stress, cause injuries, and lower morale. Some are the result of modern technology, but others have been around a lot longer.

Following an interruption, it typically takes a couple of minutes to return concentration to work. These short interruptions and recovery periods add up to large amounts of lost productive time.

There are many distractions that can affect employee safety and

Workers Who File a Claim Often File More

A NEW study has found that people who have had workers’ comp claims in the past are more likely to file future claims compared to those who have never suffered an on-the-job injury.

The study - the subject of an article published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine - concluded that a past claim is the most predictive factor in determining the likelihood of future workers’ comp claims.

While the findings shed light on a significant driver of workplace

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