Home Insurance Claim

When something happens to your house it can be an emotional experience, but your claims process shouldn’t be.

Take steps to prevent potential safety risks and/or further damage. If the loss is caused by theft, notify the police. Check with your claim representative before you discard any items you plan to claim as damaged. Review your policy for specific coverage information.

What to Do

Be sure to:

  • Record building and property damage
  •  Retain repair invoices and receipts
  •  Obtain repair or replacement price quotes

Reporting the Claim

You can report a claim in a number of different ways – online, over the phone, or with your mobile device. But no matter how you report it there will be some information we’ll need to know:

  • Location (street, city, state)
  • Date and time of loss
  • Cause of loss (wind, hail, flood, lightning, other)
  • Description of damaged property
  • Any injuries